Welcome to Salt Haven

We sell Himalayan salt lamps and burners, natural soy candles, bath salts and will soon be opening our natural salt therapy rooms in Auckland, New Zealand.

All of our beautiful Salt Lamp products are now available in our online store.

We’re all about supporting your wellness for respiratory, skin conditions and athlete’s ailments so as to improve high performance and assist high performance capability. If you need to be on top of your game for home, work or sports and have health issues that are weighing you down then salt therapy is an ideal natural treatment which will give you that advantage and start to clear what affects your breathing, skin issues and cognitive awareness.

“Salt natural therapies restore, relax, replete…”

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Salt Haven Therapy Rooms

NZ's first Salt Haven Coming Soon

I love my Salt Lamp - it has the most lovely energy and glow, I am very happy to have it in my home and I am looking forward to visiting the salt rooms when they are open. They will be such a boon for people with skin and respiratory issues!

Joanna Loveys

I am crazy about my Aromatherapy Himalayan Salt Lamp, it 's like having the best of both worlds : benefits from the salt lamp AND from the essential oils. Thank you Linda for top notch sales & service, the peace of mind knowing you are right here in Auckland makes a hug difference.

Bernadette Moir

What an added bonus I found after purchasing my salt lamp from Linda. My easy to wake (and therefore wake me) dog who sleeps in a basket in my room, now sleeps through the night after investing in a salt lamp for the bedroom! So as well as keeping the room drier - we now have 2 refreshed bodies every morning.

Caroline Connelly