Envelope Computer Key In Blue For Emailing Or Contacting PeopleOne of the best things about being involved in the wellness industry is that you get to meet wonderful people as well as having the honour of being able to help them.

I love hearing from you please do contact us with your suggestions and ideas and if you need any advice about selecting the right salt therapy for yourself or your family.

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  1. Morning,

    Do you have a place where I can see the lamps. I want to get one for my sis who has terminal cancer so she can enjoy it but I want to choose it myself. I live in Highland Park and I’ve a funny feeling that you are around here too somewhere…


  2. Hi Linda

    I want to come today and buy a salt lamp for my 6 year old son who has minor eczema and breathing problem so if you could please let me know the address and timing of your shop that will be great.


  3. Hi There – it is my sister in law’s baby shower on Saturday and I would really like to buy 2 salt ball lamps. Please can you email me to advise if I can collect as it will be too late to send by post.
    Many thanks in advance

  4. I already have a salt lamp. but it is not in use because the bulb is broken, and I am not sure how to fit a new one. Also, I was not aware how useful it really was, or that for specific purposes I should put it in a smaller room, such as my bedroom where constant presence would be felt. This Lamp is about a foot tall, and at the moment it is in my office, and is leaking salt. It is a very neglected little lamp!
    I do not think it has a place where I could warm oil.
    I am aware of Aromatherapy Oils but had never thought to use them for my asthma because I do not have trouble breathing at night, though I do have insomnia on a regular basis, I wake around 3 and often am awake for two hours. I have tried a variety of Sleep pills and the only one that works is a Homeobotanical one from my Bowen Practitioner, but I have to remember to take the drops 3 times a day. As I am away from home in the middle of the day that time gets forgotten!
    I believe I have deep seated trouble from a period in the 1960’s when I had very bad asthma which was not properly medicated – things were less well dealt with then. I had about thirty five years free from asthma, though even then the deepest breathing for swimming was not possible – I could only breathe every second stroke in the Freestyle, not the 3 beat which was usual.
    Since being prescribed Fosamax for Osteoporosis in 2009 the asthma became pronounced, and I believed it to be because of this drug. Being prescribed Pulmacort and Oxis for the asthma did damage to my Glaucoma, interocular pressures became high. In 2012 I stopped using Fosamax and the asthma drugs, and swung to Herbals and Ventolin when necessary

    Nowadays with either very cold weather or very humid days in summer I am in constant trouble with breathing, and am therefore looking for an extra factor.

    I should be interested to know what you think I could do with Salt and/or aromatherapy.

  5. I am trying to purchase a couple of your lamps, one is for mother in law who is very ill & hoping will ease her health issues as not looking for a cure. Can I pay by credit card please as I am not set up for on line banking. My male is 0275630857 & happy to ok my details that way, or can I visit & purchase??? I have been referred to you from a lovely lady you met by the name of Nicole Coyne. Look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Tracey x

  6. Hi there- I was wondering if there is a place i can come see the lamps to purchase one? Cheers! My phone no. is 021 134 6451. I was interested in the $150 lamp

  7. Hello Linda
    I am desperate to buy a lamp for my COPD. Ihave had no success in your email address and i cant see any other phone number.
    could you please get back to me.

  8. Is the Therapy rooms open yet, also can i come and have a look at some lamps, and pay with credit card as not set up for internet banking.

  9. Lamps are great thank you Linda but one has gone out
    Does it need a new bulb or what?
    Can bring it to Orewa When next visit

  10. Hi I am looking at purchasing your 20 – 25 kg Salt Lamp, my delivery address is Christchurch 8011. I have tried to put this in your system and it says you do not have delivery to this area. Can you advise if this is able to be shipped and what the shipping costs would be please.
    Kind Regards

  11. Hi, I am wishing to purchase a Himalayan salt bowl for my wife this week and would like to choose and pick it up in person in Auckland. Is this possible? If yes please can you let me know your shop or warehouse address and a convenient time. Thank you. Conrad.

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