Salt Lamps and Burners

Himalayan Salt Lamps and Burners

Natural Salt Lamps and Burners act as a natural dehumidifier and improve the quality of air in your home and office by releasing negative Ion charges counter electronic pollution in your area from computers and appliances. photo (29)

They make a great bedroom night light with a soft glowing light that freshens the air at the same time. Our salt lamps support sleep and restfulness with its ambient light.  With the low wattage bulb that slightly heats the salt the lamps are safe to touch and ideal to have as night lamps in a baby or child’s room.

Depending on the size of the lamp you will use a 10-30 watt small light bulb in lamps or a tea light candle in the burners to give a slight heat to the salt that releases the Negative Ions.

All weights and measurements for the salt lamps are approximates as the salt is mined naturally. They are handcrafted and individual with various styles, colours, shapes and designs.

We do have a supply of carved lamps that you can choose from if you prefer a particular design that is available. These include salt bowls with salt chips, koru shape, oval shape, round and heart shape. Some animal shapes can be ordered.

Perfect Gifts

Salt lamps are a fantastic healing gift to give to people who are sick to support their wellness. After all flowers will die but a salt lamp lasts a lot longer and will be remembered!!!

 I bought a salt lamp for my boy’s room as the room gets cold and humid at night. My son suffers from asthma. I didn’t expect anything magical…Yet, my boy has stopped waking up at 4am with that dreaded cough that indicates a puff is needed. He sleeps better and I am thinking of getting a bigger lamp for our bedroom now. Thank you! 

Svetlana Griffen