Soy Candles

Natural Soy Candles made in New Zealand

We have an extensive range of soy candles with natural high quality fragrances and essential oils in stock.


Beautiful natural soy candles made in New Zealand.

All candles are non-irritating/hypo-allergenic and suitable for people with asthma to enjoy.

The candles are handmade with the highest quality ingredients sourced from ethical companies that care about quality, people and the eco-system.

Free from the chemical nasties found in other candle scents, our fragrances will stay beautiful and fresh for the life of the candle and won’t cause irritation.

Fragrance range includes:

•             Floral Sweet – Mid Summer Nights Dream

•             Floral Green – Caribbean Queen, Amour

•             Oriental – Summer Solstice, Indonesian Escape

•             Fruity Sweet – Island Bliss, Sunset in Capri

•             Fruity Green – Tuscan Affair

•             Spicy – Paris in Springtime

•             Fresh – Energise, Harmony, Pacific Paradise


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