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Here at Salthaven we are committed to sourcing the very best wellness solutions and our search for the best organic beauty products has lead us to World-Organics

We love their organic, vegan, cruelty-free organic beauty products and cosmetics and have found many similarities between the World Organics’ and Salthaven view of the world.

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Brilliant Winter Special!

An Aroma Salt Lamp with World Organics’ Essential Oil Breathe Blend is a perfect match for fighting winter colds and croups. The Aroma Salt Lamp has a well in the top of the lamp in which you can gently warm essential oils.

You can warm essential oils for their beautiful aromas, as in the practise of aromatherapy, or you can add essential oils to help create a therapeutic environment.

Breathe Essential Oil is a mixture of oils that helps to lift mucus congestion and support the detoxification of the respiratory system. Great for fighting winter colds and coughs it is also recommended for asthmatics and yoga enthusiasts as part of their daily breathing exercises.


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  1. HI there!

    I met Elizabeth from St Heliers Bay and used her foot salt lamp and thought how wonderful it is. She said she bought it from you and would like to enquire about the price and availability?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Sommer

      Great to see you at The Green Living Show. Hope you are still enjoying for Himalayan Salt Foot Lamp and the Aroma Lamp.

      These wonderful lamps are back in stock. Foot Lamp $90.00 Aroma Lamp $45.00 Essential Oils $34.00 and many other options available.

      Regards Linda

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